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Alexa is a well-known digital assistant developed by Amazon which is making lives easier and fun. This voice-enabled virtual assistant is available on Alexa devices by Amazon and other Alexa-compatible devices developed for Alexa support which can be controlled through a mobile device with Amazon Alexa app. Making the use of Alexa devices easier is the new Alexa app for Windows. Though you can still continue to access Alexa on a compatible web browser like Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (10 and above) by going to the features available on the Alexa app for pc are different.

Microsoft has worked with personal computers companies to develop Windows computers that come with a preloaded Alexa app for PC after the integration of Alexa and Cortana, the digital assistant developed by Microsoft. The app comes built-in in specific Windows PC models created by Dell, HP and Acer. Now the Alexa app for Windows is also available for download from the Microsoft Store. The app is compatible with  Windows 10 or higher versions & is available for hands-free interaction with Alexa. For Alexa setup on your personal computer, follow these steps:

1) Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC and type “Alexa” and the Alexa blue icon app will appear. 

2) Click on download to start downloading the Alexa app. You will get a notification once it is ready for use.

3) Open the app and sign in using your existing Amazon account.

4) Now you will see instructions for Alexa set up and you can also choose preferred settings. Be sure to give access to the microphone so you can easily speak to Alexa through the voice-enabled feature. You can always change the setting later. 

5) Now you are ready to use the Alexa app for windows. You can ask Alexa about the weather or play a song on your computer.

The Alexa app for PC supports many Alexa features and skills like creating shopping lists, getting updates on weather, listening to music on Amazon Music, playing the news, reading books on Amazon Audible, setting alarms, handling calendar events and making announcements. You can always click on “Things to try” feature to access new features that are updated on your Amazon Alexa App. The prime feature benefit of Alexa App for Windows is that you can control your smart home devices from anywhere by just using your voice. Currently, the Alexa app for PC does not support video calls, audio communications and music streaming apps like Spotify. The Echo device setup is also not currently available through the Amazon Alexa app for windows but you can always use from the browser for that.

The availability of Amazon Alexa App on your PC makes it more mobile to interact with Alexa and control your smart home devices from anywhere. In the future, the app is expected to get more features and even handle PC related capabilities.